Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, once again I have been deliquent in my blog posting. I thought for some reason I'd be doing this every other day. . . it seems I'm lucky if I do it every other week.

Joes is well and growing. We had to retire a few outfits last week because he has grown out of them :(, but we are thankful he is growing. He continues to make more and more noise; he is definitely not a quiet baby! He is a good baby, but not to quiet.

We hope you enjoy this video. We will try to post more pictures in a few days. We did have some very cute ones, but alas there was no memory card in the camera (sorry about that).

Have a great day! (Justin/Katelyn/baby Joel)

In this video, he was supposed be making lots of noise. However, as soon as the video camera came out, he got quiet. However - he's still the cutest kid in the world :)

Here is a view of Joel being "not so happy" in his bouncy seat.

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Laura said...

In the second video he looks like he has long skinny legs... Can't tell if those are from Katelyn or Aunt Bobbie:)