Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joel is doing well & growing

Well, as you probably would expect, we love being parents (and Joel to:). He is such a delight to our hearts. We are learning about being tiredness, but we really can't complain. Not only is God's grace more than sufficient in any weakness, Joel is a pretty good sleeper over all. It is just that when you are not used to waking up a few times at night, your sleep feels disjointed. But, that's okay. If it comes with the territory, we'll gladly take it!

Joel received his first "piggy back" ride a few days ago. He seemed to not mind to much.

Below are pictures from yet another bath. He's just to cute to not take pictures of. . . and so we continue to take pictures.

Below are more pictures of our cute little man getting ready for bed. . .

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Anonymous said...

In the swaddled pictures, he kinda looks like a very cute veggie tale character. I think it has something to do with the no distinct arms and legs thing :) Too cute