Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is Coming. . . and so is schroedie

We are being made aware more and more all the time that schroedie (the name given to our baby by the youth group) is coming into this world soon. Katelyn is doing well, getting prettier all the time. However, getting prettier = stretching more and more :) It is not uncommon for her to feel a foot or an arm stretch out inside of her. At times schroedie will stretch all his/her limbs at the same time, this is when Katelyn feels quite uncomfortable. However, Katelyn thoroughly enjoys being pregnant. This is truly a wonderful time of life! Also, the doctor says she is doing very well and that schroedie looks healthy. We have much to be thankful for!

We would appreciate your prayers through the Christmas season and the following month. We have several of our big youth events that will be taking place between December 19 & January 19. One is our annual all night activity (pray for strength for Katelyn and sanity for Justin:), the other is our annual Winter Camp (January 16-19). We are eagerly looking forward to both of these events as we anticipate what our gracious Lord has in store, we are just praying that Katelyn's body holds up through all of this. Thankfully we trust the Lord who gives grace to His children and provides strength to the weak.

I need to log off for now. However, we will continue to put up pictures that will give you a better idea of schroedie's growth based upon what he/she is doing to his/her mother. Have a blessed day!

Thankful for His grace and mercy,

Justin (for the three of us)

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reformedrojas said... you look forward to the coming of your own child, do you ever ponder the expectation that Mary felt regarding her own Son and that the church experiences as she looks forward to the return of her bridegroom? Advent...

I really am excited about the coming of your child. It's about time my kids had some Schroeder cousins!!