Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Schroedie is almost here. . .

It has been quite some time since our last post, and much has happened in our lives. We've made it through Christmas & New Years which was such a wonderful time of year. We are so blessed to have family close by. We immensely enjoyed our Holiday season with the wonderful family that God has blessed us with. We spent much time with Dad & Mom Hougham, Scott, Ross, Ryan & Lauren, and even with the grandparents. What a joyous time it was.

Katelyn's Christmas/Anniversary gift was a 3 night trip to San Diego over our Anniversary. As you'll see from the pictures, it was absolutely beautiful. We knew that once "schroedie" enters this world, our ability to go away with just the two of us will be greatly limited - which is a wonderful new phase of life - but we also cherish the time that we get to spend together. We are so thankful for how the Lord provided for us to go down there. We enjoyed the time together, walking along the beach, going to the San Diego Zoo, and just spending hours talking with one another. God is so good and faithful to allow me (justin) to marry my best friend! Truly, I am blessed beyond measure. Below are some pictures of our time in Southern Cal.

Well, after our relaxing few days in San Diego, we came back home and hit the ground running. You see, this past weekend was Winter Camp for our student ministry. Wow - what a wonderful weekend we had! Again - God is faithful and good! We had six couples from our Grace come on the retreat as staff/sponsors which was a tremendous blessing. One of our elders from Grace spoke and did a marvelous job of clearing laying out the Word of God. The theme for the week was, "Purity - living a life of whole hearted devotion to God." Lives are being changed into His glorious image and for that we are thankful! Continue to pray for many saved and unsaved students who are making serious effort to draw closer to Christ.

Winter Camp took place on South Lake Tahoe, which obviously places us even closer to the Lord:) The majestic beauty of Lake Tahoe clearly points to the Creator (Romans 1:20). Our time was rich beyond what we could have hoped for. Thankfully, Katelyn made it through the weekend! Praise the Lord. She continued to have strength even though she is 35 weeks pregnant. As you'll see from the pictures, she is VERY pregnant. It seems that her feet continue to swell on a daily basis and we are about to endeavor to take her rings off without removing her fingers:) She loving refers to her toes as "little sausages;" I might add that they are cute none the less. To say the least, we are ready to meet this little life that God is about to bring into the world. Please continue to pray that the Lord will bring this child into the world safely. But even more than that, pray that this child will love Jesus Christ with all it's heart. We have one desire for this little one and that is that it would love the Savior with all it's heart.

I'll continue to post with greater regularity as Schroedie approaches. If there are ways in which we can pray for you, please let us know. We hope that you are able today to rejoice in Jesus Christ who alone has redeemed us!

With much love and gratitude,



Steve Schroeder said...

Mom and I are excited with you! We wish we could be geographically close to enjoy the pregnancy with you but are thankful for this technology. You are truly blest, not just to be having a baby but to be having one to the glory and praise of God. What a beautiful difference this makes. Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain who build it.
Five weeks left! Wow, can't hardly wait but then we better wait.

Hannah said...

It's about time you posted something. :) I'm glad you guys got to get away and that Winter Retreat was such a good time. Brooke, Robin, and I had fun looking at the pics that have been posted on Facebook.