Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello to all! This is the beginning of Justin & Katelyn Schroeder's baby blog. In 17 weeks, God willing, we will be bringing a baby into this world. We don't know what gender this child is going to be, but we are thrilled to meet him/her in 17 weeks. This blog-spot will be used on a regular basis to post updates, pictures, videos, etc. These three pictures are of our "first of many" baby registery times together,Katelyn's "baby-pooch, and baby schroed at 20 weeks (not quite sure who he looks like yet, but that okay:)

We are grateful for technology that will allow our family and friends that are so far away to stay connected to our lives and baby schroed:)

Grace and peace,

Justin/Katelyn -n-babyschroed


sally.vandermark said...

I'm so glad and excited that you are doing this. We'll be praying for you over the next several months as you prepare to meet your little one. This is such a wonderful and special time as you marvel in the Lords love, and miracle of the growing life.

We love you three!
~ Love us three Xx

Kristin said...

Yeah!!! :) Katelyn, you look so CUTE! :) It must be amazing to see that belly every day and realize you're REALLY having a baby! :) I am more excited than I can say. Love and MISS you both so very much! Kris