Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a rainy day in the neighborhood...

We are having our first big rain and wind storm here in Sacramento. Branches are strewn around, power is out for some, and there are lots of BIG puddles. Some of you may now that our apartment has a little pond in back of it. Well, due to the rain, we also now have a good size pond in front as well. Joel is fascinated by the rain. I think this is first he remembers of it!
So, due to the rain, we didn't go out yesterday afternoon, which meant lots of play time for Mommy and Joel. :)
Joel also became an aspiring pianist yesterday. He found the keys and loved making music...well, maybe noise...but I like to call it music.


Hannah said...

Too cute! It looks so pretty with all the rain! :)

Jennifer (a.k.a. Mom, Mrs. L, Auntie J.) said...

That boy is just too cute. I'm predicting teeth marks on that strip of wood in front of the keys soon. I'm sure we have some... or at least drool stains.