Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is Here

Life is changing for us these days. Nothing is safe! Things that used to be great spots are needing to be moved to higher, more appropriate places to be kept out of Joel's little hands. What often happens is that he reminds me of my need to move things AFTER he finds them. Below are some pictures of an amazing discovery this candy basket for piano lessons. Wow! Chocolate!

Joel now fits in his White Sox jersey from Rob & Stacy. Doesn't he just make you smile?! Go Sox!
This past weekend we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of our church, Grace Bible Church. Several events were a part of this celebration. We had a music concert by a group named This Hope, a 2 day Men's Conference with guest speaker Scott Ardavanis, and a special service and fellowship dinner on Sunday. It was a full week, but what a blessing to worship our Savior, Jesus Christ, be challenged by God's Word and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. We thank God for His faithfulness to our church!

One of the songs that This Hope sang was entitled "Break My Plans." This song is taken from the life of a Romanian Christian, Nicolae Modoveanu, who was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith in Christ. Each morning he would get alone with God for 2 hours to worship and learn of His Savior. Also, each morning in his prayers he would ask God to break his plans and make him more like Christ. I was listening to this song while driving this week. I found myself affirming the lyrics, yet as I thought of these words in my own life, I stiffened and balked at the thought of praying for God to break MY plans each day. After all, the majority of my day is to get "my" list accomplished, to have Joel behave as "I" feel best, to not be inconvenienced more than "I" feel necessary. I was completely ashamed and humbled to realize my selfishness, and lack of dependence on Christ. I was reminded afresh of the mercy and forgiveness found in Christ, and joy that comes in living out God's plan, even in the midst of persecution, which Nicolae experienced in far greater ways then I will ever know. May this song encourage you as well (click here for a link to a music video of this song).

The praise songs of a nation flowed from his hand.
And in a world of dark oppression he made a stand.
They told him to be silent, and lead him away.
Ten years was the sentence, a prisoner of faith.
As he waited for God's timing another winter chilled the air.
And when he thought of his own family was filled with despair.
So he cried out for justice, was there any other way.
But then he gave it all to Jesus, as he began to pray.

Break my plans, shape my heart.
Take my will to where you are.
Move my mind through Your word.
Till all that I am lives to love you, Lord.

I know I'm called to suffer and take up my cross.
But sometimes I grow so fearful when I count the cost.
Still my heart wants to follow, and walk in Your way.
To be counted with the faithful, Lord guide me today.

With all my heart, my strength and my soul I will love You, God.
So use my life and take complete control.

Break my plans, shape my heart.
Take my will to where you are.
Move my mind through Your word.
Till all that I am lives to love you, Lord.

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Steve Schroeder said...

Hey Jus, there is no greater way to live than to live doing God's agenda each day. It will frustrate our agenda as we think we have our list to do but at the end of the day we will look back and see that God opened doors, God uniquely led and His work was done through us. The thought of asking God to break out plans gives the idea that we need breaking. Perhaps a little less agressive is asking God to let my plans be HIs plans and when they are not that I will be Ok with any change He makes. Same end, God uses us to care for those He wants cared for. Good stuff.