Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow, Joel is 4 months!

What a precious blessing this little one is to us! Joel is such a happy and contented baby. He smiles constantly now, well, except when the camera is out. For some reason he's very intrigued by the cameras, so he stops smiling and stares. Ahhh.... we still think he is pretty cute. :)

This past month has been quite full for our little family. In the beginning of May we traveled out to Illinois to visit the Schroeder side of the family and meet our new neice Hadessah. We had a wonderful time together! We spent the first week up in Wisconsin to have a family vacation where Justin grew up at Victory Home for Boys. What fun it was for me (Katelyn) to see and experience Justin's childhood! After that week Justin flew back home to CA and I stayed out with Joel for a week longer. We spent much time together and took lots of pictures!
Great Grandpa Schroeder

Great Grandma Schroeder

Papa & Mama Schroeder with their grandkids

the Schroeder family...as it continues to expand

the new family of three

the other new family of three

Katelyn learning how to shoot skeet

The cousins hanging out :)

Waking up Uncle Caleb Joel hiking with Dad

Celebrating Katelyn's first mother's day

Joel & Uncle Jared

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