Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Tooth

Here's some cute pics from the CA State Fair. It was a family tradition of my (Katelyn) family growing up which I absolutely LOVED! So...to help us begin our own family memories, my parents gave us tickets for my birthday. We had a blast looking at all the animals and watching some of the shows. Joel stayed awake for the entire afternoon and evening, taking everything in.

"What is that funny looking thing, Dad?"
Our little family :)

our adorable little man!
Joel also cut his first tooth last week. After a couple days of mothering a VERY fussy baby, we rejoiced greatly to feel the little tooth break through! He's growing so fast! Below he is knawing on some frozen fruit.

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Steve Schroeder said...

It is good to see my grandson on a saddle! It may be a long time before he rides a horse, but then maybe not. At least now he has experience on how to balance and hold on.