Friday, August 7, 2009

More pictures of our little guy

Here is Joel after he fell out of the bouncy seat . . . it's more fun to fall out of it than to bounce in it :)
This is Joel & Peyton . . . he doesn't realize that girls have cuties. However, one day - it will kick in.

Joel enjoyed being in his jolly jumper, even at Family Camp. I'm sure it wasn't "code" to hang him from a tree, but Joel didn't mind.

He spent an hour and half one day in his turtle. The lake was cold enough that several ladies wouldn't venture into it, yet Joel didn't even notice. He thoroughly enjoys the water!

This is eating squash (actually, I'm not sure what it is. . . but whatever it is, it is squashed)

Still eating, but he has found his tongue. It is quite cute, except when he is eating and his food all rolls out of his mouth :)

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