Monday, February 23, 2009

Long Time No Write

World's cutest baby - we might be prejudice, but propably not :)

Forgive me for waiting so long to post again! We have been doing great, but busy (as all of you with children are well aware:). Thankfully, Joel is sleeping well. Which means his Mommy and Daddy are sleeping well. Actually, he slept 6 hours last night! Pretty cool - if you know what I mean!

Dad and Mom Schroeder came out from IL this past week. It was tremedous having them here with us. They are quite the "proud grandparents." We didn't do very much, but we did do a lot of watching & holding Joel. While they were here Joel's umbilical cord fell off, which meant he got his first bath (and all of the naked baby pictures that he will one day hate). He loved getting a bath, which was a relief to Katelyn. We are so grateful for all of the family that God has blessed us with. It was encouraging to just spend time with them and rejoice in the new addition to our family.

We are so grateful for how the Lord has continued to grow Joel and keep him healthy. He now ways about 7.5 pounds (he's gained 1.5 lbs in the last 4 weeks). He is continuing to "get bigger," but that is relative :). He is still smaller than most new borns. . . but he's getting bigger. He is picking his head up, only to flop it back down again. However, we are excited by even the littlest of things (i.e. his eyes are open, he filled his diaper, he. . . you get the picture).

Katelyn and I are overwhelmed by the responsibility that God has entrusted us with. Being a parent is an indescribablt gift from God. It is when God allows us to partner with Him in the nurturing of a life to the glory of God. This is no small task. For we are instructed to raise little Joel to do that which he was created for, and that is to worship the One and True God. This is the part of raising Joel that causes us to go to our knees and ask God for His grace and wisdom. We realize that we are unable to do this in our own abilities, but we thank God that He has not left us to accomplish this process on our own. The grace that He affords is more than sufficient to conquer our greatest weeknesses.

His grandpa enjoys him. . . and I'm sure that somewhere inside Joel enjoys his grandpa to:)

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